Casey Ward’s Magic Carpet

Donations bought a Magic Carpet for Epsom's Casey Ward
Casey Ward

After all the fantastic fundraising efforts by our supporters, we reached our sky high target of £8,000! The Magic Carpet came soaring in to Casey Ward, Epsom Hospital, and is officially ready to take our younger patients on exciting adventures.

With a mobile projector, motion sensor and interactive mat, the magic carpet experience allows moving graphics and games to appear on the ground and reacts to movements – meaning patients can be transported to virtual seasides, or take part in a dance-off challenge! It also comes with lots of pre-installed games and apps to encourage physical activity, mental and sensory stimulation.

And even more importantly, play can be touchless while the mat is easy to clean and sanitise between users.

Thanks to you, our Play Specialists can provide an immersive experience and some light relief to our patients during what can sometimes be an anxious visit.

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