Our appeals are for those areas which need more of a helping hand right now

Here at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity we work closely with staff and patients to find out which areas our hospitals and community services need a helping hand with – those extras which go towards delivering exceptional care.

Virtual Magic Carpet Appeal takes flight to enchant children at Epsom’s Casey Ward!

A new charity appeal to fund an interactive, digital ‘magic carpet’ for the young patients in Casey Ward at Epsom Hospital has just launched, with the soaring aim of bringing a ‘whole new world’ to the hospital’s dedicated childrens’ ward.

With a mobile projector, motion sensor and interactive mat, the magic carpet experience allows moving graphics and games to appear on the ground and reacts to movements – meaning patients can be transported to virtual seasides, or take part in a dance-off challenge!

And even more importantly, play can be touchless while the mat is easy to clean and sanitise between users. It comes with lots of pre-installed dancing and competitive games as well as educational themes to encourage physical activity, mental and sensory stimulation.  

Jessica Start, Play Specialist at Epsom Hospital, said: “In the current environment, this would be  a game changer for our lovely young patients. We know that children of all ages will enjoy its virtual technology – a toddler can pretend to splash around in the sea while a teenager can have a virtual kick-about. That’s why we’ve launched an appeal to try and get one for Casey Ward this year. We do know that times continue to be tough for people but if you are someone who can make a small donation, we would be immensely grateful.”

The Magic Carpet Appeal aims to raise the £8,000 needed to purchase and install the equipment. If you would like to make a donation and are able to spare some money at this time of year, you can do so at

People are also very welcome to take on a sponsored challenge to fundraise for this appeal (or any other service at Epsom and St Helier) – please email our Charity Team at for more information and support.

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Quizzes, Arts and Crafts for the Older Person

The older we become, the more important it is for our minds to remain active, just as we need to maintain physical fitness and strength in older age. Keeping patients mentally stimulated plays a vital role in their mental wellbeing. Throughout our lives, our brain is responsible for keeping us happy, and a healthy mind plays an important role to enable us to live independently.

To keep brain activity functioning at its best, the mind needs to be challenged every day. With fun games, tasks and activities, exercising the mind can be enjoyed anywhere and by anyone.

Whether it’s Sudoku, crosswords, chess, jigsaws, colouring, or playing cards, with your support we can aid the recovery of our older patients by caring for their mental health.

We currently have an Amazon Wish List for Activity Boxes to aid our COVID-19 Rehabilitation patients at NHS Seacole Centre, Headley Court.

Christmas toy appeal for children’s wards

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity have launched a new festive toy appeal and with your support this season, hope to spread a little Christmas cheer to the young patients being cared for across our children’s wards including Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children at St Helier and Casey Ward At Epsom.

Spending the festive season in hospital, or visiting for treatment, is not much fun for children and can be difficult for worried parents, guardians and loved ones. And while staff will always do their upmost to keep young patients entertained and relaxed, this year’s Covid-19 restrictions are making that a bit more challenging. 

Yet staff are determined to spread a sprinkle of Christmas cheer and are asking for a helping hand from local people who can afford to spare an additional gift this year. Play Specialists have carefully selected a wish list of toys and craft activities via an Amazon Wish List and are inviting local people to donate to the cause. Some items, like colouring books, pencils, and small toys, will make up individual packs to provide a welcome distraction for a child (and their siblings) waiting for care and treatment in our dedicated paediatric outpatient or A&E departments. Other arts and crafts items can be allocated to young patients staying on the wards, while all plastic toys will be deep-cleaned and sanitised before use by another child.  

For the Amazon Wish List go to:  Please remember to write a message with your order or contact the Charity Team at or 01372 735 262 to let them know about your donation otherwise you will indeed be a secret Santa! 

Please also contact the Charity Team if you would like to donate but use a different retailer or drop off your donation. 

Play Specialist Sarah Montgomery holding colouring packs.

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