Queen Mary’s Refit

Donations helped to refurbish Ward 2
Queen Mary's

In 2020 Ward 2 in Queen Mary’s Children’s Hospital underwent a full refurbishment including a new lick of paint, or maybe two!  But thanks to generous donations and fundraising for the hospital, the staff have transformed plain white walls into a kaleidoscope of colours using an array of wall art stickers.  From flowers to fish and lots in between, the images help to create a more welcoming and calming environment for their young patients. 

Being away from home and staying in hospital can be a daunting and scary time for a young patient as well as an anxious time for their loved ones. Queen Mary’s staff know how important it is for them to spend as much time as possible on the ward with their child. So charitable funds were also used to improve the hospital experience of family members and carers as well.

In the parents’ room, beautiful photographs of landscapes and animals (taken by Consultant Paediatrician Dr Daniel Langer) have been put up to provide a more calming and less clinical atmosphere, while other funds were invested in special chair beds. As their name suggests, these are comfortable chairs by day which turn into comfortable beds by night, helping parents to be by their child’s bedside whatever the hour.

Finally, a new table and chairs were bought for the staff room to encourage team members to take a well-earned break!

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