We support initiatives, both large and small, that positively impact patients, their families and you, our staff. If you are a staff member of Epsom and St Helier NHS Foundation Trust, including of Surrey Downs Health and Care and Sutton Health and Care, you are eligible to apply for funding.

What we fund

We provide extra support to our hospitals, going beyond what the NHS can provide alone. This includes enhancing hospital facilities, purchasing advanced medical equipment and supporting staff through wellbeing initiatives. We support projects that have direct impact on patients, their families and you, our staff. 

Our funding priorities align with the gesh strategy and so we encourage you to ensure that your funding request aligns with it initially.  


To be eligible for funding from Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity, your grant application must meet our three main criteria: 

  1. Your request aligns within the Charity and Trust funding priorities. 
  2. Your request is over and above what the NHS and/or Trust should provide.
  3. The request will pass our ‘public perception test’- would the request be viewed as an appropriate use of charitable funds by the public or donors?

What we will not consider funding for:

  • Anything considered core provision by the NHS/Trust- such as desks for staff, standard equipment, waiting room chairs etc. 
  • Retrospective funding requests
  • Requests for mandatory staff training and education
  • Laptops or any IT equipment enabling staff to work from home or perform their job.

Special Purpose Funds

We maintain a wide range of Special Purpose Funds (SPFs), which are designated pots of money for various wards, departments or areas within our hospitals. The majority of the ideas and projects funded by Epsom and St Helier Hospital Charity originate from these SPFs, making them the primary source for funding applications.  

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity oversees over 140 SPFs designed to address various needs. Nearly every area in the Trust is covered by an SPF. Each SPF is managed by at least two Fund Advisers who work within the Trust. They are responsible for ensuring that funds are used in accordance with the SPF objectives. 

If you’re already aware of one of more SPFs available to your team, department, or ward, you should directly contact the fund advisors for approval and speak to the charity about the appropriate processes for spending. 

If you’re unaware of an SPF for your particular ward, department, or area, please contact the Charity team directly on esth.charity@nhs.net 

In any instance, even if there is no SPF available or there are inadequate funds, please feel free to reach out as we may have other funding options available. 

Application to our General Funds, Legacies and Appeals

At this time, we do not have any grant rounds, however we encourage you to get in touch with the Charity directly if you have ideas of projects that require charitable funding and will benefit patients, their families and our staff. 

Please get in touch directly with the team at esth.charity@nhs.net or call us on 01372 735 262.