“You just never know when something like this could happen to you.” Joe Lovatt is on a mission to thank the team who saved his Dad’s life

Joe Lovatt is raising funds for Epsom and St Helier Hospital Charity by taking on a Triathlon to thank the medics who saved his dad’s life when he collapsed in our hospital.

David Lovatt went into cardiac arrest as he sat with his 30-year-old son Sam shortly after arriving at St Helier Hospital’s Emergency Department, which sees more than 249 patients each day. David’s other son Joe, was enjoying a stag do in Croatia when his dad had a heart attack in October last year and rushed back to the UK when he was told the news.

Joe recalled “He had gone to visit my brother and his granddaughter in Carshalton and said he wasn’t feeling well and his chest felt tight, so my brother persuaded him to go to hospital. He had angina but when he collapsed in A&E they didn’t know it was a heart attack at first.”

“Without the team at St Helier my dad would have died on his kitchen floor, which doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Medics resuscitated David with a defibrillator and performed CPR. Once he was stable, he was taken to St George’s Hospital to receive further care and undergo surgery to fit stents to repair blockages in his arteries.

David is now doing really well, has made a full recovery and is enjoying spending time with his granddaughter.

To thank the teams that saved his Dad’s life, Joe has signed up to take part in the Eastbourne Olympic Triathlon and as a rugby player says he will be moving out of his comfort zone to complete the challenge, which will see him cycle, swim and run on 16 June.

Joe has already raised over £1,000 for the St Helier Emergency Department. The funds will be used to support patients, their families and our amazing NHS staff.

Joe said: “The work that the team do is just incredible. I want to be able to raise awareness of what they do and for people to see they could need lifesaving treatment at any time, no matter who you are or what you’ve done. You just never know when something like this could happen to you.”

To make a donation to support Joe’s fundraiser please visit

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 “This was our first experience of round-the-clock care provided by intensive care doctors and nurses, and it was exceptional.”

The incredible Pru is taking on the Jurassic Coast Challenge in support of Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity.

Pru wanted to say thank you to the team that cared for her Dad during his 12 week stay in our hospitals, where our amazing staff saved his life.

Pru shared: “My dad was initially admitted with pneumonia and type 1 respiratory failure. Despite antibiotics, he deteriorated significantly and was admitted to ITU, first at Epsom and then sent by ambulance to St Helier. He spent two weeks unconscious and on a ventilator, which was an extremely distressing time.”

 “This was our first experience of round-the-clock care provided by intensive care doctors and nurses, and it was exceptional. The nurses in particular work gruelling 12 hour shifts and were always so cheerful and kept our spirits up.”

Following his ITU stay, Pru’s dad moved to the renal ward, where the team cared for him for another month until he was well enough to go home. He is now back to health and on the golf course, thanks to the outstanding care at our hospitals.

Now, Pru is taking on this epic challenge to thank the teams for their support. She has already raised over £850 and counting. You can donate at

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James Blythe, ESTH Managing Director, takes on his fifth Ultramarathon this time for Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity  

James Blythe, Managing Director of Epsom & St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust (ESTH), is gearing up for his fifth Ultramarathon, not just as a personal challenge but as a means of supporting a cause very close to his heart.  

James finds running to be more than just a physical activity; it’s a mental retreat that allows him the space to think, feel fitter and support him to cope with the demands of his job. With the Ultramarathon approaching, he is both excited and apprehensive.  

“This is one of the events I’ve always wanted to do – it almost goes past my house and I see the runners and walkers going through Nonsuch Park every year – so I’m excited to finally do it. It’s my second time running this distance so I know to expect the unexpected – a lot can happen over 12 hours or more of running.” 

For this particular Ultramarathon, James’ motivation extends beyond personal achievement. He is running to raise funds for Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity, in particular to support projects around Staff Health and Wellbeing.  

“I see so much that we could do to support the organisations that we simply aren’t able to prioritise from limited resources. I am particularly passionate about supporting staff better, and also inspiring others in the organisation to get involved in fundraising.” 

You can donate to support James by visiting   

Not only is James fundraising for the cause, but he wants to encourage patients, families and other staff members to join him in getting involved.  

“Give it a go! It’s great to have something to work towards and you will always surprise yourself with what you can do. I hope more people take on challenges of all types, but also it would be great if we could get a trail running group heading over Epsom Downs on summer evenings!” 

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“We’re supporting NHS staff, so that they can support you”

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity exists to support patients and their families, but equally as important is the work we are doing to support our incredible staff who care for us all.

We are proud to work closely with the Staff Health and Wellbeing Team to help fund various initiatives across our hospitals. We rely on fundraising to help support these projects and enable us to do even more.

Kristina Middleton, Health and Wellbeing Lead for GESH noted

“The charity plays a huge part in enabling us to improve the wellbeing of staff. From funding the wellbeing hub for staff to rest, to providing Christmas meals for those working during the holidays, to enabling our staff to access development opportunities. All these projects really help our staff to feel valued and appreciated, and enable them to deliver the best care for our patients.”

The Health and Wellbeing Team are small but mighty- delivering staff health and wellbeing interventions. They are keen to expand the offer for staff across Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, by looking at more ways we can improve physical, mental, social, financial and occupational wellbeing of our staff.

Your donations to support our Staff Health and Wellbeing Fund will make a difference. The team have a huge wish list of projects that they want to fund, including:

  • Improving facilities across staff rooms in our hospitals. We want to ensure all staff have access to make hot drinks and reheat food, supporting their physical wellbeing and helping to alleviate financial pressures of having to buy lunch at work, especially as we are still feeling the pressures.
  • With more funds we will be able to support teams to hold external team building days to boost their wellbeing through building stronger social connections with members of their teams and learning how they can work together more effectively.
  • We are hoping to have a small grants fund that teams can apply for funding interventions tailored to their specific area. We don’t know what these projects will be as of yet, but look forward to hearing how we can support staff, directly from them.
  • There are issues we know most of our staff face – stress, issues with sleeping, workloads that make it difficult to prioritise their own wellbeing. So we would like to offer organisation-wide interventions that give individuals, teams and managers the tools to support their wellbeing.

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The Matron and Senior Nurse of the Epsom Emergency Department are soaring to new heights to support patients, families and colleagues.

The start of this year has seen unprecedented demand in our Emergency Departments, with record-breaking numbers, of over 1,000 patients visiting A&E on some days. Despite the immense challenges faced by the team, they consistently exceed expectations and demonstrate remarkable dedication.  For two staff members, this commitment has led them to jumping 13,000ft out of an aeroplane.

Christiana, ED Matron said “Working in the Emergency Department has been very challenging, particular with the recent surge in patient numbers. Having said that, the team’s resilience and the support shown by our local community is truly admirable.”

Christiana and Rianne Elliot, a Senior Staff Nurse are challenging themselves to Skydive in support of Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity. The funds raised will go directly back to supporting the Emergency Department with a big focus on improving staff wellbeing and patient experience.

Rianne emphasised “The funds we raise will contribute to various projects within the department. We hope to refurbish our staff room into a more relaxing space for staff, we are renovating our relatives room, used for delivering news to family members and we hope to start providing care packages for patients in need.”

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity play a crucial role in supporting patients, their families and our hospital staff. Donations and fundraising efforts help to support over and above what is normally provided.

Make a donation today to support Christiana and Rianne’s skydive by visiting

Your contributions will not only support the Emergency Department, but also help alleviate their nerves!

Or maybe you fancy joining them to take to the skies? You can sign up today to Skydive and support our hospitals.

Thank You


Jamie is taking the leap in support of his department!

Jamie Bowbrick, Operational Manager for the SDH&C Musculoskeletal (MSK) Service, is taking the leap from 13,000ft in a skydiving adventure to support Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity.

The MSK Service is an integrated specialised service comprising of an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP) led Community Assessment & Triage Service (CATS), a team of First Contact Practitioners (FCP), a Hand Therapy Service and a Community MSK Physiotherapy Service.  The Team provide support for Surrey Downs residents with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions affecting the MSK system, from muscle strains to post-operative rehabilitation.

In his role as Operational Manager, Jamie plays a pivotal role in coordinating various team members, including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Technical Instructors, Rehab Assistants and associated Administrators across Surrey Downs. His role helps ensure our hospitals are able to deliver outstanding care to our community.

Jamie shared “It’s a demanding role but the dedication and proactive approach of the team make it incredibly fulfilling. It’s the people I collaborate with and support that make all the difference.”

Jamie is going above and beyond his managerial duties by taking part in a Skydive, jumping 13,000ft out of an airplane to raise funds for Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity. The funds he raised will directly benefit the Surrey Downs Health and care Fund, helping to buy new equipment and provide more support for the team.

When asked about why he decided to Skydive Jamie said “A Skydive has always been on my bucket list but my wife would simply say that it is just part of my mid-life crisis!”

Support Jamie as he embarks on this crazy challenge to raise funds to enhance services upon which our community rely on. Donate today at

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“We can’t thank the Maternity Teams Enough”

Trigger Warning: Miscarriage

“We can’t thank the Maternity teams enough” Krissi and Sam are raising money by running the Rome Marathon to say thank you after the care they received.

Krissi said “2023 was a really tough year for us.” At Krissi and Sam’s 12 week scan in February 2023 they were told that their baby had no heartbeat. After taking some time to recover, they fell pregnant six months later, with twins, to only be told again at their 12 week scan that neither baby had a heartbeat. Krissi said “Dealing with this the first time round was very tough but the second time felt like we had been hit by a bus.”

The pair has now been referred to the recurrent miscarriage unit where they will be cared for by our teams.

“We can’t thank the Maternity Teams enough.”

Krissi and Sam wanted to give back and say thank you to the teams that looked after them. They wanted to focus on something positive, do something a bit crazy and raise awareness of miscarriage, something they find is not often spoken about.

“We wanted to share our story so that others don’t feel so alone. We took great comfort from others sharing their personal journeys and so wanted to do the same. For those reading this my biggest piece of advice is to be kind to yourself. Also, don’t blame yourself- if it’s meant to be it will happen.”

Krissi and Sam have already raised a staggering £1,800 and the total keeps increasing. The money they have raised will go towards the Maternity Unit at Epsom Hospital. It will help support other patients, their families and the incredible staff who care for us all. It could be buying new medical equipment, improving facilities, supporting staff training and so much more.

You can support them by making a donation at

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Cancer Hub officially opened at Epsom Hospital

Thanks to a generous grant from Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity, we’ve launched a new Cancer Hub, providing a dedicated space for our incredible Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists to collaborate.

CNSs play a vital role in supporting patients and carers, offering expert care, emotional support, and guidance through treatment decisions. With the growing number of patients across Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, having a centralised hub ensures better coordination and accessibility for both staff and patients.

This new space allows our CNSs to work more efficiently, share best practices, and provide real-time support to patients. It’s a significant improvement that enhances the quality of care and patient experience.

Yesterday we celebrated this milestone, bringing together our charity, CNSs, wider Cancer Team, our Senior Leadership Team and patient forum to officially open the space.

James Blythe, Managing Director for Epsom and St Helier Hospitals said “I’m so proud to see the positive impact this space is having and will continue to have for our patients.”

We want to share our gratitude with the amazing donors who made this possible. Together, we’re making a difference in cancer care!


Cardiac Rehab team continue to strengthen hearts, thanks to new equipment funded by Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity.

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity are thrilled to have granted funds for new equipment, including a shiny new rowing machine, at St Helier Hospitals gym. The dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation team support patients recovering from various cardiac conditions, such as angina, heart attacks, and cardiac arrests. The exercise specialists guide them through their rehabilitation journey to help minimise future cardiac risks.

Tim Teasdale, exercise specialist shares “We often hear from patients how our rehab programme has restored their confidence and allowed them to return to things they enjoy.”

Equipped with excellent facilities, including the latest addition of the rowing machine, our gyms on site ensures patients receive specialised rehab from our expert team in their local hospital. The new equipment not only offers low impact cardio but also provides a nostalgic rowing experience for those who previously rowed on the Thames.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to patients, families, and donors who continually support the service. Thanks to your donations we are able to continue to support services and provide a better experience for patients who visit our hospitals.

You can continue to support and spread the love this valentine’s day by making a donation.

Thank you

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Lace up those running shoes!

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity are delighted to announce five incredible running events you can get a place in today!

Lace up those running shoes, get involved and support your local hospital by raising much needed funds.

We have places to fill in:
– Hackney Half Marathon
– London 10K
– Surrey Half/5K/Kids
– Hampton Court Half
– Inflatable 5K/10K/2.5K

Sign up today and raise funds to support Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity. Places are limited so check out our events page and don’t delay.

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