“We can’t thank the Maternity Teams Enough”

Trigger Warning: Miscarriage

“We can’t thank the Maternity teams enough” Krissi and Sam are raising money by running the Rome Marathon to say thank you after the care they received.

Krissi said “2023 was a really tough year for us.” At Krissi and Sam’s 12 week scan in February 2023 they were told that their baby had no heartbeat. After taking some time to recover, they fell pregnant six months later, with twins, to only be told again at their 12 week scan that neither baby had a heartbeat. Krissi said “Dealing with this the first time round was very tough but the second time felt like we had been hit by a bus.”

The pair has now been referred to the recurrent miscarriage unit where they will be cared for by our teams.

“We can’t thank the Maternity Teams enough.”

Krissi and Sam wanted to give back and say thank you to the teams that looked after them. They wanted to focus on something positive, do something a bit crazy and raise awareness of miscarriage, something they find is not often spoken about.

“We wanted to share our story so that others don’t feel so alone. We took great comfort from others sharing their personal journeys and so wanted to do the same. For those reading this my biggest piece of advice is to be kind to yourself. Also, don’t blame yourself- if it’s meant to be it will happen.”

Krissi and Sam have already raised a staggering £1,800 and the total keeps increasing. The money they have raised will go towards the Maternity Unit at Epsom Hospital. It will help support other patients, their families and the incredible staff who care for us all. It could be buying new medical equipment, improving facilities, supporting staff training and so much more.

You can support them by making a donation at

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