The Matron and Senior Nurse of the Epsom Emergency Department are soaring to new heights to support patients, families and colleagues.

The start of this year has seen unprecedented demand in our Emergency Departments, with record-breaking numbers, of over 1,000 patients visiting A&E on some days. Despite the immense challenges faced by the team, they consistently exceed expectations and demonstrate remarkable dedication.  For two staff members, this commitment has led them to jumping 13,000ft out of an aeroplane.

Christiana, ED Matron said “Working in the Emergency Department has been very challenging, particular with the recent surge in patient numbers. Having said that, the team’s resilience and the support shown by our local community is truly admirable.”

Christiana and Rianne Elliot, a Senior Staff Nurse are challenging themselves to Skydive in support of Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity. The funds raised will go directly back to supporting the Emergency Department with a big focus on improving staff wellbeing and patient experience.

Rianne emphasised “The funds we raise will contribute to various projects within the department. We hope to refurbish our staff room into a more relaxing space for staff, we are renovating our relatives room, used for delivering news to family members and we hope to start providing care packages for patients in need.”

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity play a crucial role in supporting patients, their families and our hospital staff. Donations and fundraising efforts help to support over and above what is normally provided.

Make a donation today to support Christiana and Rianne’s skydive by visiting

Your contributions will not only support the Emergency Department, but also help alleviate their nerves!

Or maybe you fancy joining them to take to the skies? You can sign up today to Skydive and support our hospitals.

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