We’re supporting NHS staff, so that they can support you.

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity exists to support patients and their families, but equally as important is the work we are doing to support our incredible staff who care for us all.

We are proud to work closely with the Staff Health and Wellbeing Team to help fund various initiatives across our hospitals. We rely on fundraising to help support these projects and enable us to do even more.

Kristina Middleton, Health and Wellbeing Lead for GESH noted

“The charity plays a huge part in enabling us to improve the wellbeing of staff. From funding the wellbeing hub for staff to rest, to providing Christmas meals for those working during the holidays, to enabling our staff to access development opportunities. All these projects really help our staff to feel valued and appreciated, and enable them to deliver the best care for our patients.”

The Health and Wellbeing Team are small but mighty- delivering staff health and wellbeing interventions. They are keen to expand the offer for staff across Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, by looking at more ways we can improve physical, mental, social, financial and occupational wellbeing of our staff.

Your donations to support our Staff Health and Wellbeing Fund will make a difference. The team have a huge wish list of projects that they want to fund, including:

  • Improving facilities across staff rooms in our hospitals. We want to ensure all staff have access to make hot drinks and reheat food, supporting their physical wellbeing and helping to alleviate financial pressures of having to buy lunch at work, especially as we are still feeling the pressures.
  • With more funds we will be able to support teams to hold external team building days to boost their wellbeing through building stronger social connections with members of their teams and learning how they can work together more effectively.
  • We are hoping to have a small grants fund that teams can apply for funding interventions tailored to their specific area. We don’t know what these projects will be as of yet, but look forward to hearing how we can support staff, directly from them.
  • There are issues we know most of our staff face – stress, issues with sleeping, workloads that make it difficult to prioritise their own wellbeing. So we would like to offer organisation-wide interventions that give individuals, teams and managers the tools to support their wellbeing.

Or get in touch today as we’d love to chat to you more about how you can get involved and support your local hospital.